Assalamu’alaikum wbt…

They say every journey starts with a single step…

It’s been quite a while now since we first took that step; since then we have grown beyond measure. From various backgrounds, fields, ages, experiences and exposures…we suddenly gathered at Perth. For months and years, Australia or more precisely Perth has been our playground. From academics to sports, to music and the arts, from laugh to tears; we have seen it all, so to speak.

However, most of us have seen only part of the picture, forgetting its spiritual complementary. Yet a human’s true calling in life is to achieve balance. Thus we must see the other half of that picture; of a higher revelation of life, namely that of Islam.

This sometimes forgotten picture is a beautiful one indeed. The Almighty has sent down Islam as many things; peace in times of turmoil, salvation in times of sin. Islam provides comfort for our tears, light for your darkness, and the strength to bear the cruellest of challenges. Most importantly, its ultimate calling is for a man to succeed in life, yet also attain success hereafter.

So, before we soar the skies to our next chapter of our life, we grant you this opportunity to complete this wonderful picture, to make us a better person, to ensure that we will not regret our life when the time has comes for us to see our Creator. May Allah The Almighty bless us all, InsyaAllah..

They say that every journey starts with a single step. May this programme becomes a stepping-stone for us to be a better individual; A Highly Effective Mukmin!

Yours sincerely,

Hazman Hadi Sakim




1. To strengthen the brotherhood and bonds between the Malaysian community in Perth.

2. To increase student’s sense of self and motivation towards being a better individual.

3. To produce students who really understand their responsibilities towards him/herself, family, community and country.

4. To shape us towards becoming more versatile to change, more dynamic and more equipped to face challenges ahead.

5. To increase students’ ability to cope with daily pressure and tasks effectively.

6. To help navigate students here towards fixing their personal goals and to assist in making sound decisions in life.

7. To develop uniformity of thinking between students in Perth.


Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil

Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil is a master-trainer for Kelab Rakan intelek Muda (KRIM). He is a well-known speaker and motivator for Malaysian students.

Ustaz Hasrizal Abdul Jamil is currently completing his Masters in History and Civilization at the International Islamic University Malaysia. He holds a BA (Hons.) in Sharia & Islamic Studies from Mu’tah University, Jordan. Previously he attended Izzuddin Shah School in Ipoh from 1988-1992.

Building on his experience as Minister of Religion and Imam in Belfast Islamic Centre Northern Ireland, and several Islamic centres in the Republic of Ireland, as well as Assistant Director at Fitrah Perkasa, a training and consultancy firm in Malaysia, he became the first Muslim Chaplain at Malaysia’s National Heart Institute in February 2007. He is now a Research Associate at Malaysia Think Tank London.

Earlier, Ust Hasrizal was a public researcher at Research Centre for Islamic Art, History and Culture (IRCICA) Istanbul.

Further details about him can be seen in his personal website http://www.saifulislam.com


The committee member of PERISTIWA ‘07 is really hoping that this proposal will receive your very kind consideration and we hope that the paperwork will receive your kind perusal and consideration.

We are also hoping that the program is a successful one and act a paradigm shift for every participant to change themselves and become a better person as a Muslim.

Organizer: Malaysian@Perth ( MyPerth )

Sponsor : KRIM ANZ (Kelab Rakan Intelek Muda, Aust/NZ)

Further information on PERISTIWA ’07 can be addressed via email  peristiwaperth@gmail.com or phone 0430343193 (Faiz) , 043033334 (Auni)


One response

7 10 2007

Urgent need for a Ustaz to assist volunteers at National Mosque, KL to explain about the misconceptions of Islam to non-muslim tourist about 1000 of them daily.

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